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Getting footage for our upcoming music video “Summer Vacation”

Trip to West Palm Beach

Since we were in Florida getting the Tour Bus wrapped, sponsored by SIGN*A*RAMA – We decided to hang out at the beach.

Check out some photos from our trip.

even Presley hung out on the beach..

Blackman Elementary School Show

We had an awesome time playing our music at Blackman Elementary.

Thank you to all our sponsors who helped make this show happen.

Special thanks to Gigi’s Cupcakes & Ahart’s Pizza for supplying goodies for our drawing for the classes

Sign up to win COOL prizes!!!

Alanna & Jenna’s 10th Birthday Party

These “Secret Message Cones” from BHG are inspired by fortune cookies and featured as a creative homemade Valentine idea but I used these adorable treats as a surprise “Thank You” note in the favor bag for Alanna & Jenna’s birthday party.

You’ll need sugar cones, meringue cookies, and chocolate chips for the ice cream cone portion.  For the surprise, you’ll need paper for the “message” and colorful sprinkles.


Thank you JamHub for hooking us up with this amazing silent band rehersal studio.  Mom loves it Most and the neighbors no longer complain about loud music!!!

Check out their website at

All the bells, whistles, licks and chops for musicians who won’t compromise on their gear. Whether you’re touring the world, the country or the town, a JamHub TourBus makes rehearsals a lot better and a lot more fun.
The built-in recorder lets you capture those inspired moments and relive them at the show later that night.


2009 TaylorMade Memories


SHURE Microphones Sponsor

We would like to thank our new sponsor SHURE Microphones for hooking us up with several of their amazing products.  You can check them out at


“Will U Marry Us?” Music Video

Here it is…. Our music video “Will U Marry Us?”  I hope you enjoy it.  We had lots of fun making the video!!!  Thanks again to everyone who helped out!  We couldn’t have done this with out you!!!


Getting ready to hit the road with our “Tourin with the Taylors” Tour Bus!

Tour Bus Taylor

Sekonic Light Meter & Pocket Wizard

Thank you so much to Phil Bradon from Sekonic and Pocket Wizard. Makes my job in the photography studio a lot easier. It’s no wonder Sekonic’s L-358 Flash Master has become the best-selling digital flash meter in its class along with the amazing radio triggering Pocket Wizard.  You can check out their products at and


Darren Taylor proudly plays Taylor Guitars!!!

Darren Taylor loves Taylor Guitars!!!  We are proud to have them as a sponsor.


What does a Taylor Band Practice Look Like?

Here are a few photos from our Band practice..  You can see there is some down time where the little kids play “rock, paper, scissors” or  catch up on some rest while the boys are hard at work….




We are very happy to have KidzArt as part of our team!!!  Check out their website at


Art Franchise Information

Dean Guitars Sponsor

Thank you Josh at Dean for hooking the boys up with some great instruments.



We would like to thank Dominick at Amedia Cymbals for coming on board as our official Cymbal sponsor with these awesome Handmade Turkish Cymbals.



We would like to thank our great friends at Sitar Indian Restaurant for sponsoring us and being our favorite Indian Restaurant.


Awards and Recognitions

Top Winner of Best of Nashville 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001 Reader Poll in the category of “Indian Restaurants”

Winner of Best of Nashville 2007 Reader Poll in the cateogory of “Best All-You-Can-Eat Deal”

Winner of Best of Nashville 2006, 2005 Reader Poll under “Best Ethnic Restaurant”

Winner of Best of Nashville 2003 under “Best Indian Restaurant”

Listed in the “A Best of Nashville Directory” 2005

Listed in “The City Paper of Nashville”

4 1/2 Star Rating in “CitySearch – Nashville”

5 Star Rating in “”

4 Star Rating in “”

JUMPBUNCH – Mobile Kids Fitness


“We are excited to have Jump Bunch on board as our exclusive Mobile Kids Fitness program. They are truly making a positive difference in thousands of kids lives!!! They are a great franchise that requires very minimal start up cost that can be run out of your home!! Check out their link at We highly recommend them!!



Thanks to Sorina Pantis and the fine folks at  Avalon Design for such an incredible system.  Check them out at


MXL Microphones

Thank you Gina and Jim from Marshall Electronics/MXL for putting in our hands these incredible microphones! We appreciate you guys!!!

MXL Taylor